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REBECCA - A Slave Story

A novel about a slaves brutal revenge …

Available to Buy in E-Book or Paperback version on from only 4,99 USD

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It was in the days of injustice in The Indian Ocean during the  late 18th century. Code Noir – The Black Code set the rules.


She was caught by a lasso – like the way you catch animals and sold into slavery.


Fleur de Lys was burned on her upper arm by the devil himself in the House of Evil.


She could read and write – the woman with grace and a body that could  inflame any man’s  passion.


She was the woman to whom many owed their lives.


She was seeking  revenge on the horrific persons she have met. That occupied her mind, and that day would come …


Her name was Rebecca of Le Morne.

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The maroon dance © Barrington Watson 


writer of 'Mauritians in the second world war'

A novel which will render its readers nostalgic about the story of Kunta Kinte. It stands out as a pioneering piece of work, since never before has the slave legacy of Mauritius been described in such humane words and with so much emotion.
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