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And the Rainbow touched Mauritius

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The path of the poor and rich collide in wonderful portraits of persons and great joy. A feel good novel that touches your soul …

Meet Laval de Marques who is returning to his much loved Mauritius after thirty years; Gaëtan, a true patriot with an overflowing passion for the island; Francesca, immensely rich and glamorous Italian Baroness and former agent in drug trafficking, completely fearless; Mala, who lives among the poorest and whose life is embodied in a sugarcane sickle; Laura, a woman whose deepest passion is awakened by a sensual meeting one magic night.

And the Rainbow touched Mauritius brings us face to face with the harsh realities of those who witnessed the building of this land, slaves and plantation owners.

 Includes 52 stunning photos from Mauritius .

​" Make yourself comfortable and enjoy this beautiful teaser, Mauritius at its very best"

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