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My Books


Photo credit: Manoj Nawoor/People magazine

Anno Domini 2022, and I am resident in Mauritius since 7 years. I am  realizing that I’m coming more and more to terms with things not being as efficient as I’m used to in Sweden – I am still not keen on it – but I’m getting there! I especially enjoy everyday life of Mauritius – the inherent – Mauritius with all its contrasts. It has become a very important part of my life that I do not want to do without. ”

For more than 30 years my career was involved with the airline industry until I decided I wanted to change my life in all aspects. Having been a frequent traveler to the island in 2015 I moved to Mauritius permanently. I studied the history of the island, and have written two novels in fictions, based on times from slavery up till today. My first book 'And the Rainbow touched Mauritius' includes 52 stunning  photos of paradise - like Mauritius, with a realistic touch. 


I’ve become – an Islander – a Native – a Zilwa!


Anonymous Reader, AUS

"Filled with the most enchanting pictures of Mauritius to match this soulful book, it has been such a great reading escape & is such a great gift to others or to oneself!"

Essentielle Magazine, MAU

"Ce regards qui vient d’ailleurs nous éclaire avec justesse sur nos convergences plutôt que sur nos différence.."

Marcel Lindsay Noë, MAU

" Her book is full of the light, colour and love that only a passionate person can depict so accurately and pleasantly.
Annika through her book will, no doubt, be an effective ambassador of charm for our beloved island nation."
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